Facebook Shops Launched

Facebook has launched Facebook Shops to enable an e-commerce feature that makes it easy to list products across Facebook and Instagram.


What we have found out are:

  • It’s free
  • To start, products can be listed on your Facebook Page, Insta profile, Stories, or in ads to start.
  • It’s not yet possible to sell products through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, or on live streams—though it’s in the works.
  • You’ll only need to upload your product catalog once across all of Facebook’s apps.
    • You can add products manually
    • You can add products via website pixel or bulk upload using a spreadsheet such as Google sheets (ideal if you are currently using Google Merchant Center)
  • Buyers will need to leave Facebook to complete the purchase via your specified link
  • Facebook is partnering with Shopify and BigCommerce to make it even easier to port products into Facebook Shops.
  • You can find out more about Facebook Shops in the Facebook Business Help Center here 

If you need help or want more information on using Facebook Shops, please contact us here or email Lydia here



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