New Tactics to Improve your Facebook Reach

Talking to many of our customers recently, we have noticed a decrease in engagement and post activity on Facebook and have been trying different techniques to improve Facebook reach.

Reading a recent article from Yoast it seems this is a worldwide issue and the following tactics that we have tried seem to be being used throughout the industry at the moment.

Keep it in house

Although we are constantly trying to increase website visitors and therefore many posts are linked to blog or news content, there have been a number of insights suggesting that people are more interested in reading the post and don’t click through to an external website.

This leads nicely on to our next suggestion:

Make it longer

Instead of short introductions with the external link to another site, try writing something that’s engaging and interesting immediately. No more teasers, just get straight to your point and make it more of a story which encourages comments rather than a sales pitch.

Get involved

You’ve created your engaging post which has led to some comments on your page, how about getting a community together and expanding your discussion further? All this leads to further organic reach and your personality as a business. Just be careful how you communicate and remember to have an answer ready for any negativity. This isn’t always a bad thing, it can give you an opportunity to explain your position further. Just watch out for those trolls!


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