Where Teenagers are Hanging Out

We love this article from the Clikk – in fact we like a lot of their content and send out great emails from across the pond (they’re in the USA!). These statistics are figures on where teenagers are currently hanging out, although this is American data this is definitely reflected over here in the UK as well. Find out what are the most popular social media platforms for young adults.

By now, all teenagers were born after 2000—which is a terrifying thought, but also useful for seeing how times have changed for social media.

Piper Sandler just released the results of their semiannual Taking Stock With Teens survey; the latest word is that teens’ favorite social platforms are:

  • Snapchat (36%)
  • Instagram (31%)
  • TikTok (13%)

It’s a similar story with the respondents’ engagement on those platforms: Instagram was highest (85% of respondents use at least once a month), followed by Snapchat (82%) and TikTok (62%).

Three intriguing patterns we spot in this data:

  1. You’re wondering about Facebook: it’s #5 on both lists. 34% of respondents use it monthly, but only 4% of respondents say it’s their favourite (which has a “remember to call your mother” feel to it).
  2. Another thing about Facebook: let’s repeat the fact that only 4% of teenagers favour it. That does not bode well for Facebook’s future—but Instagram (with a solid 31%) does bode well for Facebook’s future. As we said last week: nice move, Zuck!
  3. In reality, there are only five relevant players here, which we know because (A) positions 6 through 10 only add up to 5% of the vote and (B) the #10 favorite is LinkedIn with 0%. (Duh.) Twitter remains relevant at #4, which counts because they’ve never been #1—and just to mention Facebook in all three points, we’re still processing the idea that, a decade after Facebook was the #1 and only place to be, it’s now the weakest player on the teenage court. 🤔

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